PMC 109: Carla Gallo

Carla Gallo interview on Pop My Culture Podcast

Carla Gallo (“Bones,” “Undeclared”) goofs off with Cole and Vanessa about Pawn Stars, The View, dental work, Carnivale, Capuchian monkeys, fairy tale reboots, Brad Pitt’s kiddos, Oz the Great and Powerful, discarded starfish, The Bachelor, Californiacation, Judd Apatow, waffle blasting, Scott Bakula, Period Blood Girl, Katherine Heigl, and the most talk about vaginal meshes on a podcast, ever! (It’s not as bad it sounds!)

Leave your answers to the First question (the first time in your college years that you had a “Oh, so this is what college is all about” moment — or high school if you didn’t go or haven’t yet gone to college) on our website for a chance to win an “Undeclared” complete series DVD signed by Carla!

Carla Gallo with hosts Vanessa Ragland and Cole Stratton


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