Brice Beckham (Mr. Belvedere) joins us at LApodfest! AND we moved to the big room!



VERY excited to announce that Brice Beckham (Wesley from Mr. Belvedere) rounds out the terrific lineup for our “Stars of TGIF” podcast at LApodfest THIS Saturday at 6pm! We’ve moved from the Espada room to the gigantic Squarespace Ballroom as well! Also, the hotel changed names this week and is now Le Meridian Delfina (formerly Sheraton Delfina). Single day and full weekend passes are still available over at Come see us and say hi! We’ll be hanging out quite a bit! EXCLAMATION POINT! So you get:

Reginald VelJohnson! (Family Matters)
Jodie Sweetin (Full House)
Stuart Pankin (Dinosaurs)
and Brice Beckham (Mr. Belvedere)


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