PMC 168: Pop My Cork – Part 2: The Worst of 2014 w/ Sarah Burns, Michael Hitchcock, Missi Pyle and Stephen Tobolowsky

Worst of 2014

Returning guests Sarah Burns (“Enlightened”), Michael Hitchcock (“Best in Show”), Missi Pyle (“Gone Girl”) and Stephen Tobolowsky (“Groundhog Day”) are still at the table with Cole and Vanessa- but this time, conversation centers on the terrible things 2014 threw at us – with each person sharing their personal Worst 5 lists, as well as offering up a New Year’s Resolution and their “theme song” for 2014.

Leave your personal Worst 5 of 2014 on our website for a chance to win a copy of Entertainment Weekly’s The Best and Worst of 2014 issue, signed by all of our guests!

the top 5 worst things about 2014

Signed copy of Entertainment Weekly's Best and Worst of 2014


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